Success Story of Eanur

Eanur was the participants of farmers Field School during 3rd cycle at P-43/2E. The FFS name is Talbaria FFS and the starting date was on 29. 09.2014. The third cycle FFS ran with Homestead, Poultry and Nutrition modules. Eanur was a good learner at that time. She attended all sessions regularly, was nominated as a group leader, and was finally selected as the contact farmer of the Talbaria FFS.

During the FFS two demonstrations were set up at Eanur’s House; one was on poultry housing and the other was on Farm Yard Manure Production. We visited her house recently to see what kind of technologies she is continuing after the FFS to increase her agricultural production.

Eanur’s poultry shed, farm yard manure pits are in good shape. She is using Hazal for broody hen management. Eanur said that she started the FFS with only one hen. After that she earned 20,000 tk per year from poultry production. She is multiplying the improved ducks supplied by Blue Gold Programme. She is using farm yard manure for vegetable production. She is producing different kinds of Gourds, yard long bean and leafy vegetables by following technologies she learned from FFS.  Now she has 11 swans, 12 ducks and 10 ducklings and 17 chickens. The ducklings are also distributed to interested farmers.

After seeing her poultry shed and the benefits of proper housing for poultry rearing, five other farmers made a similar poultry shed by their own. One of her sisters-in-law made a poultry shed at her father-in-law’s house.

Blue Gold programme nominated Eanur’s husband Mr. Nasir for training named Fruit tree improvement and management under its participatory adoptive research activities. The training was organized by Bangladesh Agriculture University, Germ Plasm Center. The training duration was from 26.04.15-28.04.15. After attending the training Md. Nasir produced 213 improved sapling of lemon (100), Jamrul (10), Olive (03) and Guava (100). He planted all the grafted sapling at his homestead and made a good orchard. Nasir wants good quality mother tree for expansion of quality sapling among the community.  Eanur and Nasir are rearing 8 milking cows and selling the milk production at farm gate. They are getting 3 kg milk/per cow from a native breed, where the average production from a native cow is 1-1.5 liter in that locality. Nasir is really a hardworking and dynamic farmer. He also collected sunflower and soybean seed and cultivated a small piece of land with these new crops for the first time to see the production.

Eanur mentioned that she is bearing her son’s education cost (class eight) from her poultry earning. She made a show case by spending 10,000 tk. Washing vegetables before cutting is a practice she learned in the FFS and is still regularly practiced by her. During our discussion regarding FFS learning, we mentioned that it is a common phenomenon in our country that when project activities are closed, lots of good learning disappeared. Then Eanur said: “if I forget everything after learning, then why should I attend the FFS? I could not learn for forgetting. Rather I prefer to practice the learning to increase my agricultural production.  It is really a nice  farm house. Eanur family has a continuous   production of poultry, vegetables, fruit and milk.

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